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Update on HOA Activities

Hello Locust Chapel Neighbors!

I wanted to provide you with a brief update about what has been going on with your HOA Board and our community.

  • We have met several times and have begun organizing and distributing responsibilities amongst ourselves. Approved minutes from the annual homeowners meeting and the first Board of Directors meeting have been posted on the Locust Chapel HOA website (see Governance Documents) . You will be receiving an invite through SignUpGenius this week with an opportunity to join one of the new committees and be involved in the HOA.
  • We have been in communication with the developer and Ryan Homes regarding the extensive list of concerns and questions we compiled from all your submissions. THANK YOU! Both parties have been very responsive to our concerns and we look forward to a good working relationship as we move towards dedication of our community.
  • Street lights have not yet been chosen by the developer. We have requested to have input in this process but will have to see the result of this request. There are very few solar streetlight options and ultimately, the developer and county will have final say. At this point, there is no timeline for their installation.
  • Most likely, with the arrival of the winter weather, the top coat of our streets will not be applied until late spring following repair/replacement/installation of both the sidewalks in areas and the concrete curbing. The developer will plow the roads this winter as he has done in the past. The private drives will be responsible for arranging for their plowing as they had done last year.
  • Private Drive Homeowners: Please watch for a separate email this weekend regarding your unique situations.
  • Most importantly (I think), is that the developer does not anticipate turning over the community and scheduling the dedication until late spring at the earliest. He acknowledges the “tons of work” that needs to be done and has agreed to most of our requests. We will meet with him and the county inspectors come spring to review anything that is not completed or that we continue to have concerns over.
  • Also, of importance, is that both the developer and Ryan Homes have significant bonds being held by the county with regards to the work they must complete before walking away from the Locust Chapel community. Please know that your HOA Board will work to ensure that everything is completed that was specified in the development plan.
  • With regards to promises made by Ryan sales staff, I have heard some very nice promises that were made to homeowners during the process of selecting and purchasing a home in Locust Chapel. Unfortunately, the majority of these promises are not possible or even plausible due to the constraints on HOAs in Maryland, legal concerns, liability concerns, fairness to all homeowners and assumed homeowner responsibilities. If a promise was made to you and you have it in writing (email, sales contract etc), please provide that documentation ASAP along with what you feel needs to be done on community lands. Without written proof, there will be little you, as the homeowner, or we, as the HOA, can do if the item was not part of the approved By-Laws, Development Plans and Deeds.

Thank you for your continued support and participation. If you have not labeled any dead trees you are aware of, please do not bother yourself to do so. These will not be replaced until spring with the new timeline and will not be necessary at that time as we will be able to easily identify the dead trees at that time.

From our families to yours, we wish you the happiest of Thanksgivings.

Amy Mitchell, On Behalf of the Board of Directors
President, Locust Chapel HOA