Monthly Archives: December 2016

Locust Chapel Property Management Update

Fellow homeowners,

As you’ve heard coming out of the recent homeowner’s association board meetings, the HOA has undergone an extensive search and vetting process to find a suitable replacement for First Real Estate Management (FREM). FREM’s contract ends 12/31/16 and we’ve signed and secured a contract with Sentry Management Group that begins 1/1/17. The board had an extensive requirements list and Sentry was able to check just about every one of the boxes, including a much more advanced architectural review process as well as a website allowing homeowners to access their open and closed ARC applications and ensure they are paid current on homeowner dues.

For the last month, Sentry has been working in coordination with the board and FREM to ensure a smooth transfer of all records including but not limited to a homeowner listing with current mailing addresses and contact information, by-laws, declarations, Locust Chapel corporate documents, and accounting records.

Once Sentry has entered all homeowner information into their system, we will receive a welcome package in the mail from Sentry that includes an introduction, a summary of services, a coupon book for HOA dues payment, and points of contact if we have questions.

2017 Dues – we understand there have been questions as to when and from whom community members would receive the annual invoice for payment of 2017 HOA dues. We want to confirm that our new property management company Sentry will be requesting this payment via mail very soon. No payments should be made to FREM going forward.

Once the welcome packet is received and you have further questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to the board.