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Updates Following September 2016 Homeowner Meeting

May 2016 minutes have been posted [PDF]

Resolutions passed by Board
Homeowners should have received in the mail several resolutions that have been passed by the Board between 2014 and 2016. These are simply formalized documents that capture decisions passed by the Board in past quarterly meetings. They have been posted to the HOA resources page on the Locust Chapel website.

Streetlights Update
The Board has been following up regularly with county for the latest updates and has been informed that the street lights have been paid for, the plan to install them has been financed by the developer, and that the next step is for conduit for the streetlights to be put in place in preparation for the installation of the fixtures. This could happen anytime within the next month or so. The Board was provided with a diagram showing an aerial view of the community and the intended location of the streetlights [PDF]. Note that streetlights marked with “X” on the diagram will be installed with blackout fixtures to prevent light from shining into homes. These locations have been determined by the developer and the county and are not within the Board’s scope to adjust. However, we have been told that if there is an issue with lights shining within a homeowner’s windows, that additional blackout fixtures may be added to the light to remedy the issue.

Election Reminder
The annual meeting and Board election is scheduled for Monday, October 17 at Ilchester Elementary. Homeowners should have received in the mail nomination letters as well as a timeline for submission of nominations and acceptance letters. Please note that although the letter states the open positions are for secretary and treasurer, these positions will be determined by the new board.Please pay close attention to the timeline as the deadlines are fast approaching. We encourage all homeowners to attend and those who are unable to attend to designate a neighbor to vote as proxy.

Rescheduled Homeowner Meeting

Wednesday, September 21 @ 7PM (Locust Chapel Pavilion)

  • Old Business
    • Approval of Minutes from May 23, 2016 (V)
    • Updates
      • Bio-retentions, trail mulching and signage
      • Public Works Meeting/SWM and Street Bonds
      • Street lights
    • Brickman Contracts/Task Orders (V)
      • Annual contract
      • Pulling tree stakes for approx. 200 trees ($1011)
    • Formal Amendments from 2014-2016
  • New Business
    • Position/Committee Updates or Issues
      • President/Social & Communications
        • Mike Keller serving remainder of Amy Mitchell term
      • Vice President/Safety & ARC
        • Architectural Review – Adjustments to fees/fines
        • Switch to electronic submissions for ARC applications
      • Treasurer/Finance & Capital Improvements
        • Quarterly financial sheets
      • Secretary/Pavilion & Community Garden
        • End of year clean-up
      • Member-At-Large/Open & Common Spaces
    • Proposals for new property management company
    • Notifications
      • Lawn care/maintenance
    • October election
      • HOA roles/responsibilities
      • Election process

Reminder: Communications for Amy Mitchell/President

A quick reminder that our former President, Amy Mitchell, has relocated and is no longer responding to e-mails concerning HOA matters.

For the time being, all emails to the account are being auto-forwarded to all members of the HOA board of directors. Role of the president will be reassigned following the election at the annual homeowners meeting in October. At that time, the account will be assigned to the newly designated board member.

Postponed Homeowners Meeting

The homeowner’s meeting that was regularly scheduled for Monday, August 15 has been postponed. The reason for this delay is two-fold.

  1. Howard County Real Estate Services Division has scheduled a public hearing with the developer, to be held on September 13 at 7:30 pm. Agenda for the meeting has still not been released but this is part of the process involved in order for the developer to get sign off from the county before dedication. Details on this meeting are forthcoming.
  2. As many of you may have heard, our President Amy Mitchell is relocating to Atlanta and will be  stepping down from the board. In her absence, Mike Keller has graciously agreed to step in as the fifth member of our board until the election in October. The board will be holding a closed meeting to bring everyone up to speed in preparing for this transition.

Details for the rescheduled homeowner meeting is forthcoming. Tentative plans are to hold the meeting after the September public hearing. Any homeowners who are interested in running for board positions should plan on attending this meeting to be brought up to speed on current

Call for Volunteers: Street Trees Working Group and Pavilion/Garden Committee

The HOA currently has an open call for volunteers for two groups. Responses are requested by Sunday, February 28. Please email Anthony Lipphardt by contacting, indicating interest for one or both groups.

Street Trees Working Group
There have been numerous concerns raised over the street trees (red maple) planted by the developer, particularly with regards to their proximity to permeable driveways and walkways. These trees are not to be removed by homeowners. However, there may be an option for homeowners to elect for 1-for-1 replacement of their red maple with an alternative tree from an approved list of native street trees (i.e. sourced within 200 miles of the community).

This working group will be responsible for coming together to develop a list of native street trees which will be adopted by the HOA for future street tree replacement.

Pavilion and Garden Committee
Pavilion and garden committee members provide input towards the maintenance of the pavilion and garden facilities as well as coordinate activities and events that highlight green living. Some of our past events included a seed starting event, workshops from Howard County Master Gardeners (e.g., vegetable gardening, native plants), and spring/fall cleanups. We hope to make 2016 an even better year!
Anthony Lipphardt
Secretary, Locust Chapel HOA Board

Agenda: HOA Meeting February 22 at 7PM

*** Location Change: Bonnie Branch Middle School Media Center ***

  • Old Business
    • Approval of Minutes from October 19, 2015 (V)
    • Updates/Community Position
      • Solar Panels & Street Lights
      • Concrete and Paving
      • Pavilion Repairs
      • Developer Timeline
    • Financials For 4th Quarter 2015
    • Community Notifications
      • Snow Removal – Follow Up to January Snow
      • Bio-Retentions – HOA Mulching (V)
      • Permeable Concrete Update
      • Lawn & Home Maintenance
      • Common Space Usage
  • New Business
    • Position/Committee Updates
      • President/ Social & Communications
      • Vice President/Safety & ARC
      • Treasurer/Finance & Capital Improvements
      • Secretary/Pavilion & Community Garden
      • Member-At-Large/Open & Common Spaces
    • Community Actions/Notifications- New or Pending
      • Outstanding Dues
      • Trash Can Storage
      • Homeowner Approved List of Street Trees (C)
      • Reforestation Areas
      • Speeding (V)
      • Staking of Fire Hydrants (V)
    • Future Meeting Dates
      • Quarterly: To Be Selected
      • Annual: Monday October 17, 2016 7:30p

Position Announcements and Future Meetings

The Locust Chapel board of directors met for a closed meeting on Monday, November 2nd at Ilchester Elementary to discuss position announcements and future meeting dates for the coming year.

Regarding position announcements, positions will remain the same with the exception of Member at Large which will be assumed by our new board member, Kareem Syed. The Contact Us page has been updated to reflect this information.

Regarding future meeting dates, quarterly and annual homeowner meetings for 2016 are tentatively scheduled as follows:

  • Quarterly Meetings
    • Monday, February 22 (Bonnie Branch Middle School)
    • Monday, May 23 (Ilchester Elementary)
    • Monday, August 15 (Pavilion, weather pending)
    • Monday, November 7 – closed board meeting for planning (Ilchester Elementary)
  • Annual Meeting
    • Monday, October 17 (Ilchester Elementary)

Minutes Posted/November HOA Meeting

Thanks to everyone who attended the annual homeowner meeting in October. Minutes for the July quarterly HOA meeting have been posted.

Please note that the November 2nd meeting noted in the minutes for past meetings will be held as an internal planning meeting for Board members only. The board will cover basic housekeeping including position assignments and quarterly meeting dates for the next year.

The board will send a notification following the meeting regarding positions and scheduled meeting dates.