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Locust Chapel Homeowners Association Minutes of the Board of Directors Meeting February 22, 2017

Call to Order: The meeting was called to order by President Jack Scanlon at 7:00 p.m. The following Directors were present: Jack Scanlon, Raju Shah, Mike Keller, Chris Purcell and Kareem Syed.

Property Management Transition: Todd Gates of Sentry Management introduced himself and reported the following:

  • The Association’s files have been retrieved from FREM and are being uploaded into Sentry’s system.
  • The financial reports are current with the exception of homeowner ledger cards which will be finalized shortly.
  • All homeowners have access to the portal on Sentry’s website ( and are encouraged to create an account. This will enable homeowners to view the most up to date information.
  • Older ARC files are being uploaded to Sentry’s system.

Developer Update: Mr. Scanlon reported the following:

  • The outdoor display sign and the trail bench have been installed.
  • The Maintenance Bond remains in place and county officials are to perform an inspection later in the year. Any items that fail the inspection will need to be corrected by the developer prior to the final release of the bond. Some re-foresting work also remains as developer obligation.
  • Installation of street lights is taking longer than originally expected. BGE will need approval from the county before work on the infrastructure can begin. High-efficiency LED lights may be used rather than solar-powered lights which will provide long term cost savings for the Association.
  • The developer will provide information regarding the winterization of rain barrels.

New ARC Procedure:

  • Shah reported that homeowners are required to send any ARC applications directly to Todd Gates at Mr. Gates will quickly review each application for completeness and forward to the ARC for review. Once reviewed, Sentry will notify the homeowner as to the Committee’s decision. Homeowners can also view their pending and completed ARC applications on Sentry’s website portal.

Committee Update and Request for Volunteers:

  • Purcell noted that volunteers are needed for the following Committees:
    • Pavilion/Garden Committee
    • Architectural Review Committee
    • Capital Improvement/Finance Committee
    • Social Committee
    • Open Spaces Committee

Community Reminders:

  • Purcell thanked all residents who picked up trash after the recent windstorm and recommended that residents employ a locking mechanism on garbage bins to prevent the lids from being blown off in the future.
  • Although there has been a minimal amount of snow this year, snowplows will need to operate in the event of a storm. Accumulation of plowed snow on the sidewalk is an inevitable result.
  • The Board of Directors resolved on May 23rd, 2016 that grass is to be maintained at no higher than 8”. Any fines for homeowners in violation of this resolution will be preceded by a written notification.
  • Several lots have leftover building materials, such as pallets and bricks, stored alongside the homes. Homeowners will be reminded to remove these materials in a timely fashion.
  • Residents are reminded to keep garage doors closed and car doors locked for security purposes.
  • Residents are asked to not block sidewalks with parked vehicles. Parking on the street is preferred over blocking access to the sidewalks.

Community Grounds:

  • Keller reported that Brightview Landscaping has been on site over the last two weeks and maintenance work has begun on bio-ponds located on homeowner lots. Maintenance in common area bio-ponds is expected to begin shortly.
  • Approximately ½ of the tree stakes have been removed. The remaining stakes will be removed and Brightview will dispose of them. This work will be done by resident volunteers saving the Association $1,100.

Street Tree Update:

  • Keller reported that he is awaiting quotes for root mitigation, replacement of existing street trees with smaller trees and relocating some existing trees. A list of approved trees is needed because any replacement trees must be approved in advance. Although trees on residential lots are the responsibility of each homeowner, the Board would like to provide options to the homeowners and additional information will be forthcoming as soon as it is available.

Street Tree Update:

  • Syed announced his resignation from the Board effective February 28th. He was thanked by all in attendance for his work and efforts on behalf of the Association. Mr. Scanlon noted that the Board will seek to fill the vacancy on the Board in accordance with the provisions set forth in the Bylaws of the Association.

Adjournment: With no further business to come before the Board, the meeting was adjourned at 8:10 p.m.

Locust Chapel Property Management Update

Fellow homeowners,

As you’ve heard coming out of the recent homeowner’s association board meetings, the HOA has undergone an extensive search and vetting process to find a suitable replacement for First Real Estate Management (FREM). FREM’s contract ends 12/31/16 and we’ve signed and secured a contract with Sentry Management Group that begins 1/1/17. The board had an extensive requirements list and Sentry was able to check just about every one of the boxes, including a much more advanced architectural review process as well as a website allowing homeowners to access their open and closed ARC applications and ensure they are paid current on homeowner dues.

For the last month, Sentry has been working in coordination with the board and FREM to ensure a smooth transfer of all records including but not limited to a homeowner listing with current mailing addresses and contact information, by-laws, declarations, Locust Chapel corporate documents, and accounting records.

Once Sentry has entered all homeowner information into their system, we will receive a welcome package in the mail from Sentry that includes an introduction, a summary of services, a coupon book for HOA dues payment, and points of contact if we have questions.

2017 Dues – we understand there have been questions as to when and from whom community members would receive the annual invoice for payment of 2017 HOA dues. We want to confirm that our new property management company Sentry will be requesting this payment via mail very soon. No payments should be made to FREM going forward.

Once the welcome packet is received and you have further questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to the board.